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Some authors even give away their ebooks for free, no email required!But I have a confession about all of the free ebooks I’ve grabbed: I rarely read them.Mobile technologies are led by Apple’s i OS SDK for i Phone, i Pad, and Apple Watch development using the Swift programming language and by Google’s Android platform for various smartphones, tablets and smart watches, using Java APIs and now the Open JDK.Our books provide practical i OS and Android app development content for indie as well as for corporate app developers.

They also are proud of giving authors a higher net profit on their ebooks than some distributors.Scribd has a FAQ section that is helpful to clarify their current business model, which is an ever growing ebook and document distribution system.Smashwords is somewhere between a publisher and distributor of ebooks. I’m an old-school artist, so I hope not, but when it comes to our books…it seems like it is tilting that way.Content marketers have to rejoice: Ebooks cost less to produce, are more portable, and can reach a wider audience with easy distribution.

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